To create a mandate:

  1. Click on the main menu.

  2. Select “Mandate” - “New Mandate”.

  3. Fill in the mandate form. Fields with * are mandatory.

  4. Tick on the Terms and Conditions checkbox.

  5. Click on “Proceed to FPX”.

  6. The page will be redirected to the customer’s online banking portal to complete the authorisation. Customers can choose between their current account, savings account or credit card account when completing the authorisation.


Fields on the mandate form:



Reference Number

Any alphanumeric character that represents the individual customer/company


Customer/Company’s name


Customer/Company’s email address

Phone Number

Customer/Company’s mobile number 

ID Type

Choose preferred ID type

ID Number

Fill in relevant ID number

Bank Name

Choose a bank to make transactions from

Single Signatory

Personal Account (B2C)

Multiple Signatory

Business Account (B2B)

Effective Date

Starting date of the mandate

Expiry Date

End date of the mandate; starting from this date, the mandate is no longer active. See note below

Max Amount per DD Transaction

Maximum amount that can be collected in a single transaction. Collection amount cannot exceed this amount. See note below

Maximum Frequency

Max number of times the merchant can collect payments from the customer in a day/week/month/year

Purpose of Payment

Purpose of the transaction

Collection Amount

Amount to be collected per transaction


Note that the Expiry Date must be set to be after the final collection date for the final payment to be successfully collected. We recommend a few days after, in case there will be collection retries.

Note that Max Amount per DD transaction sets the limit for each collection, while Collection Amount is the expected amount to be collected from the customer each time. Max Amount per DD transaction can only be changed by performing maintenance on the mandate.

If merchants/customers choose Save & Email/Whatsapp, the mandate will not be authorised yet. The mandate will be saved and an email/Whatsapp message containing a link to authorise the mandate will be sent to the customer.