The View Mandates page is where you can see the list of mandates created and check the status of each mandate, see full list of statuses below.

Users can only see the mandates that they created themselves, unless the admin allow them to view all mandates, more details here.

You can configure what columns to appear on the View Mandates page by making changes in settings.

To view mandates:

  1. Click on the main menu.

  2. Select “Mandates” - “View Mandates”.




Mandate has been approved.


Changes were made to the details of this mandate. Maintenance on the mandate is made and approved. 


Mandate termination is approved. Collections cannot be made for mandates with this status.


Mandate is created but has not been approved. Requires a RM1 payment authorisation.

N-Awaiting FPX Authorisation

Mandate awaiting for FPX authorisation. Requires a RM1 payment authorisation.

T- Awaiting for FPX Termination

Mandate awaiting for FPX termination. Requires a RM1 payment to terminate.