To view Scheduled Collections

  1. Click on the main menu.

  2. Select “Collections” - “View Scheduled Collections”.


On this page, merchants are able to monitor: 

  • mandate reference number 

  • customer name 
  • collection dates 

  • collection amount 

  • collection statuses

  • number of Auto Retries (left: current retry iteration, right: max number of retries)

  • whether it is an initial payment, manual or automatic Scheduled Collection

By default, the Scheduled Collections on this page are sorted according to their collection dates, where the earliest upcoming Scheduled Collection in queue will be the first item on the list. The display settings and filters on this page allow for the display of a specific range of data; their icons are highlighted in red above. 

Scheduled Collections that have been successfully performed are denoted as triggered. Merchants can view the details of Scheduled Collections that have been triggered by clicking on the Collection Batch reference, which will redirect them to the Collection Details page.

To view more information about the Scheduled Collection, click on
Detail View